The Right Recipe: Writing Successful Outbound Emails

Writing a successful outbound email is like making a good spaghetti sauce, you can either stick to the recipe and make the same sauce as everyone else, or you can get a little creative and create something memorable.

Brilliant minds and resources exist in the email marketing world; Bryan Kruezberger and a site called SalesFolk are both terrific innovators in the outbound email space. However, best believe if you are reading their blog posts and absorbing their tips, other sales people are as well - so take suggestions with a grain of salt, and make the recipe your own.

The key areas to focus on when developing an email campaign are:

1. Deliveries

2. Opens

3. Readability.

If our emails are not landing in inboxes, we will not get opens - and if we do get opens, we need the email to be easy enough to read in order to warrant a response. Walls of text, ‘salesy’ subject lines, and too many links can make all three of these areas challenging.

Let’s start with deliverability, most of the variables behind deliverability will come down to your email server settings, volume of emails, etc. -- but in this post, we are focusing on copy-related tips to help maximize deliverability.

Deliverability Tips:

Keeping emails short with few questions asked can actually improve the deliverability of your email campaigns. Spam and junk filters not only pick up on subject lines and email domains, but also the body of your message -- if your body is structured poorly and looks like a sales email, you increase the risk of a filter intercepting your message.

Pro-tip: Adding links to your email can help conversions and replies -- but be sure these links are secure. A secure link has an ‘s’ following the ‘http’ in the address (e.g. Links that are not secure can increase bounce rates on all emails including that link.

Get More Opens:

Just getting your email open, in today’s over-crowded inbox, can be an accomplishment of its own. Due to how difficult it can be to stand out, when developing a campaign, you should spend 50% of your time developing the body copy, and 50% of your time on your subject lines.

Subject lines, combined with the first sentence of your email, is the first thing prospects will see in their inbox - this is your only shot at a good first impression on this email, and you do not want to waste that with a overly ‘salesy’ subject line. A good tip is to consciously review the subject lines that catch your eye in your own email inbox, how can these be adapted to your email?

Most people are reading emails on their smartphone - so the first sentence of your email is visible as a preview, this is extra real estate that you can leverage to increase open rates - use it wisely!

Maximize Readability:

Having the perfect combination of information and readability will always induce a high reply rate - if you can simply articulate who you are, what you do, and why you are reaching out, you will garner more replies.

If your email is loaded with information in the form of a ‘wall’ of text, you are creating a friction point for your reader and the chances of them giving up halfway through are very high. However, if you can structure your emails with lots of white space, and reduce any potential friction points, your reply rates will move in the right direction.

Tools like Hemingway Editor are fantastic assets when looking to improve readability - run your campaigns through this tool when you think you have completed your email, there is always a way to boost readability.

It is also worth noting for those new to email campaigns, your campaigns will likely have more success as they mature -- as prospects move through your campaign, your open and reply rates should improve. Familiarity plays a large role in engagement, if your schedule is optimized, you will begin to receive more and more replies on the latter steps of the campaign.

When combined right these ingredients can come together to form a winning recipe.

Have you tried any of these strategies for your business or clients? What did you find worked best for you?

If you are interested in learning more about how our outbound email services can help you and your business feel free to reach out.

How to Build a Billion Dollar Company Culture

How to Build a Billion Dollar Company Culture

I just finished reading Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos – a company that grew from a simple idea to over 1 billion in revenues in ten years. What was his secret to success? Culture. Based on my experience of working with many successful entrepreneurs from many different industries I´ve realized it really comes down to the 3 things a CEO/Leader must to do:

1. Create the Culture
2. Create the Systems
3. Get out of the way