How to motivate your sales team

Selling is tough. Selling is an important stage in any business. Selling is demanding. This is why keeping your sales team motivated is extremely important and will directly affect the results obtained.

Not everyone is motivated by the same things, which is why it is important to have different ways of moving your team forward. It is important to understand your team members, who they are, what they like and what they want.

  1. Commissions - unfortunately a fat salary will not always motivate your sales team. However, a good commission structure will usually allow your sales team to thrive. Make them want to go for the big fish, or fight for that deal. If your commissions are capped, uncap them. Remember the sky is the limit for your sales team; don’t place a glass ceiling on it.
  2. Peer pressure – the one thing that sales people cannot stand is to be number two. Make their numbers, quotas and stats public. Allow everyone to have access to the team’s results. Don’t keep them private.
  3. Daily praise – Sales people are known as sharks, but really they need recognition. Don’t be shy on your praises, when a job is well done, say it. Make those praises public.
  4. Encourage teamwork – build winning teams by having everyone support and help each other. Don’t force the individual work, but place more focus on teamwork. Encourage your team to help each other, to share their best practices. Reward the team not just the individuals.
  5. Daily huddles – daily meetings are overrated, they tend to last too long, not cover what is actually planned and 7 out of 10 meetings are not actually essential. However, daily huddles are fantastic. 10 minutes max, keep them positive and upbeat, have your team share their experience, feelings and plans for the day. Start the day on a bright note!
  6. Create personal goals – Don’t just set goals for each department, set goals with each member of the team. Understand who they are and where they can be. Set goals with your team members, not for them. Allow them to set their own goals.
  7. Provide coaching – Sales people can get quickly demotivated when they realize that they have a lack of knowledge somewhere. Don’t let them! Understand their results and search for their weakness, then provide regular coaching to fill the gap.
  8. Always support your team – whether it is technical support, more information your team needs, always be available. Your team needs to feel supported and protected by their manager. People work better when they fell they are doing it for someone that has their back. There are many different ways to motivate your sales team, whether is via a public award board or a daily positive email, the importance is that your sales team feels acknowledged, respected and part of a team, not just a number.