To deliver top class results we identify three key components to ensure your next outbound campaign will be a success.  The Fuel, The Driver, and The Machine.

FUEL: Personalized Data

We provide a Silicon-Valley tested strategy to source personalized data for your business, so we can optimize your marketing objective.

We are now bombarded with data, but the real insight comes when you have a team who knows what to focus on, and how to interpret this data to the highest degree to benefit your business’s bottom line.

Our goal is to provide the right strategy with top notch data to help you streamline your business, and focus your efforts.

Our data solutions are tailor-made to suit your needs, which will help you achieve maximum efficiency to hit your targets.

We focus on aligning the right data for your team based on: 

  • Sourcing personalized data that speaks to a specific trigger or VBR (valid business reason).
  • Clean, verify, and organize the data so it is campaign ready. 
  • Ensuring it is in alignment with your ICP (ideal customer profile).

DRIVER: Campaign Specialist

The Driver is our team of Campaign Specialists who lead the project.  Our team is extensively trained and experienced in setting up sales systems and is responsible for providing data driven reporting and insights. 

When businesses first launch an outbound campaign, there are many holdups along the way that typically occur: 

  • Outdated contacts
  • Poor messaging that doesn't resonate with their target audience.
  • Ineffective follow up systems are put in place. 
  • Reporting is not clear enough to drive measurable improvement. 
  • The handoff process is weak and slow leading to no-shows.

This is where we come in. This is our specialty.  We find the right leads that are looking for your service, which means the right customers for you. Once the leads are sourced, they then needs to be vetted, cleaned up and properly booked into cadence.

We become an extension of your sales team.  Within 2 weeks, we’ll have you fully up and running, for less than the cost of hiring a sales development rep.  With over 10 years of experience in running outbound campaigns we will put measures in place to ensure we are protecting your brand, not engaging with your current clients or opportunities.  

Most importantly we deliver results.  Typically 10-15 qualified sales opportunities per month with an average pipeline value of $25,000.

MACHINE: Technology Stack

The Machine is the technology stack and messaging used to drive qualified meetings.  We have spent the last 10 years finding the perfect sales development tools to effectively scale any sales organization.  Assessing tools takes time and energy and can often to lead to overwhelm and wasted marketing dollars.  It seems like there is a new tool coming on the market place each day.  If you don't believe us, check out this link: 2017 Sales Technology Landscape.  

Also, developing the perfect set of messaging that focused on driving value for your prospective clients can be a daunting task.  Most companies lead in with their features and benefits vs. focusing on what their prospect needs, wants, desires.  Our team of experts know how to take the most challenging or technical value proposition and turn it into an attractive value proposition that your prospects will want to learn about.  See below for recent meeting we have booked for major brands like Staples, BP, JP Morgan Chase, and the list goes on.  Each one of these meetings is worth anywhere from $25k - $500k for our client.  We would love to produce the same results for your team as well. 

To get started with your free Outbound Strategy Session where we will review your existing value proposition, and help you identify your goto market strategy, fill out the contact form and one of our outbound specialists will be in touch with you shortly. 



Do you want to triple your revenues and cut your sales operating costs in half?  Sounds too good to be true?  This has been the average result we've produced for our SMB clients over the past 10 years of consulting.  

We act as your on-demand team that will help you build a profitable, outbound sales campaign and generate a consistent stream of introductions to new potential customers.

If you’re struggling to forecast future growth, or your sales and marketing teams are not aligned, then we’re here to get you re-focussed, and increasing sales by improving your sales processes and providing training using our proven sales methodology that results in more high-quality leads and an improved deal win rate.

We can either teach your in-house staff how to do this, or we can place one of our experts directly in your team.

Our consulting services and workshops will help you:

  • Generate 10-15 qualified opportunities per month
  • Craft your personal messaging
  • Identify the right type of tech to use
  • Build a world class system

We are giving you our secrets that we’ve learned with more than a decade of training, trying, testing, failing and succeeding - all of this is yours on a silver platter.

There is the thought leadership process. Just to figure out the right tech stack can take 5 years if you’re doing it alone.

There is no need to go through and make all the mistakes we did, we’ll help you avoid all of that and get results from the get go.

Got no time to learn on your own?

We strongly believe in the done for you model because we want to help you focus on what you do best and at the end of the day you don't have time, and you just want qualified meetings which can actually turn into revenue.

Our consulting partner is 30,000 FT Strategies  For more information on how they can help you build a world class sales system, fill out the contact form for a free Sales System Audit.  

We have created millions of dollars of sales pipeline for our clients by booking meetings with high level decision makers at the following companies.