6 easy-to-follow modules designed to give you the necessary tools for growing a successful and systemized technology company.

In this course you will:

DAY 1: Identifying Your Niche and Market Size

Look at your past and current clients to develop an ideal customer profile. Then evaluate market size using a couple of different free tools. Use a customer innovation survey to reach out existing customers to generate feedback and referrals.

DAY 2: Building your Messaging Matrix and Sales Playbook

Shift away from ego centric marketing to education based marketing by developing content that is relevant to your target audience. Build out scripts and dialogues that position your team as a trusted advisors. Empower your sales team with proven scripts for every touch point along the buyers journey.

DAY 3: Aligning your Sales and Marketing Process

Develop a marketing roadmap to ensure you hit and exceed your sales goals. Develop a pre-qualification process for filtering and prioritizing leads and sales opportunities. Breakdown the handoff process from marketing to sales to ensure a seamless transition. Eliminate the most common leaks in your sales funnel that are costing you deals today. Analyze your cost per lead, cost per acquisition, win rate, and other metrics.

DAY 4: Specializing Your Sales Team for Maximum Efficiency

Discuss the power of batch processing and how this approach can revolutionize the way you sell and literally 10x the volume of sales all while significantly reducing the costs. Look at the differences between inbound and outbound specialized sales processes. Build out job descriptions, KPI's and compensation structures for your each role in your sales organization. Go over recruiting and training best practices

DAY 5: Setting up Your CRM System for Success

Decide on the KPI's you want to measure and the reports needed. Then work backwards to build out your CRM system to match your buyers decision making process. Integrate a detailed sales glossary to align your sales and marketing teams. Explore common CRM systems and identify the best fit for your business and team.

DAY 6: Accelerating Your Results with Automation Technology

With the right foundation in place you can now begin to automate every aspect of your sales process from lead research to lead engagement to call recordings and follow up. Sales 3.0 lessons straight from Silicon Valley!