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We create customized outbound sales campaigns, set you up with the right technology to analyze campaign performance, and deliver booked meetings with qualified buyers.   

RevX Squares
RevX Squares


We partner closely with you to drive revenue.

We're not just another lead generation vendor. We approach all client engagements with a customized, consultative approach, knowing that our success is your success. With rock star people, technology, and process, we take the pain out of prospecting so that you can focus on closing new deals. And while we embrace the ever-changing world of outbound sales, we believe in a foundation of long-term, predictable revenue.


A scalable outbound engine

  • Meticulously tailored campaigns that target your ideal prospects.

  • Multi-channel approach: email + phone + social. 

  • Ability to scale up to 10,000's of contacts.

  • Meaningful sales interactions that ultimately lead to more revenue.

Targeted email campaigns
Data sourcing and cleaning

Human-in-the-loop sourcing

  • We source prospects across multiple databases for a rich lead list.

  • Each contact undergoes meticulous review: refined, cleaned, & verified.

  • Reliable data is the cornerstone of your targeted outreach.

Secure quality meetings

  • Meetings with senior-level decision-makers booked right on your calendar.

  • Emphasis = connection quality, forging valuable sales opportunities for you.

  • Every interaction is targeted, meaningful, and brimming with potential.

Appointment setting directly onto your calendar
Metrics and data tracking

Analyze real-time data

  • Our custom analytics portal is tailored to you for in-depth insights.

  • Uncover the why behind prospect behaviors.

  • Actionable reporting = good business decisions.

We've helped 100+ B2B sales leaders and executives.
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Ready to hit your revenue goals?

RevX Squares

Consistent flow of quality leads

Ability to scale in a predictable fashion

Meetings booked with qualified buyers

We'll be in touch shortly!

RevX Squares
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