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Revenue Accelerator began with a simple and profound question: what if you could count on a steady flow of meetings with prospects? Imagine feeding your sales team as many meetings as they could handle. Imagine growth, on demand.

When we started 10 years ago

The market had plenty of lead generation companies at the time. But sales teams were still left chasing lukewarm, overpriced leads, not connecting with decision makers, and not closing deals in a systematic way.

Something was missing. We took outbound marketing to the next level by developing and launching a predictable, repeatable sales system. We identify and nurture high value accounts so you get the meetings you need to grow.

Revenue Accelerator has helped 100+ companies refine their sales process and free up their sales teams to do what they do best: close deals.

Because we combine data with strategic outreach, our sales system works, every time.

Revenue Accelerator’s leadership team has helped everyone from forward-thinking entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies. You can count on:


Combined years of experience

Revenue Accelerator Certified

Certified by InsideSales.com & Salesforce.com

Win/Win Mentality

Win/win mentality: Performance-based pricing model

How we accelerate your growth

You’ll get a powerful extension of your sales and marketing team. We create personalized marketing, ensure you have the right tech stack to analyze your campaigns’ data, and deliver booked meetings with sales opportunities.

Our proven process includes 3 key steps:

Step 1

Accessing and Interpreting Data

Big Data is everywhere, but unless you analyze it correctly, you’re just dealing with noise. We provide a Silicon Valley tested strategy to source and interpret the data for your marketing campaign.

Your team guarantees:

  • Data sourced by us so we can identify and immediately act on opportunities from new verticals and departments to personas and more
  • Analyzed data after each campaign to ensure we learn from each interaction and optimize subsequent outreaches
  • Highly targeted lead lists
  • Verified data to reduce bounce rates
Step 2

Creating and Launching Campaigns

Within 2 weeks, we’ll have you fully up and running, for less than the cost of hiring a sales development rep. We handle all the details, from strategy to follow up.

Your specialists will:

  • Create customized, effective messaging
  • Book and rebook all meetings
  • Deliver a 5-step email cadence with iterations and A/B variants
  • Devise a proven handoff system to your sales team
  • Identify ideal customers and source your first 500 leads
  • Use detailed reporting to optimize and repeat results
Step 3

Implementing Sales Development Tools

In addition to creating and delivering effective messaging, we ensure you have the right sales development tools so you can scale. Know you’re using the best technology stack for your organization.

Your tools and insights include:

  • CRM dashboards and scheduled reporting
  • Outbound playbooks with messaging, objection handling, and process workflows
  • Email and phone scripts with details of all responses
  • Sales process optimization consulting services as needed
  • Dashboards with trend analysis over time
  • Follow-up best practices
  • Breakdown with reply and interest rates by campaign, vertical, and region

When you control your sales pipeline, you control your destiny

We develop a sales system and do the outreach and follow up so you can expect:

  • Consistent flow of quality leads
  • Meetings booked with ideal accounts
  • Ability to scale in a predictable fashion

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