How To Lead Your Prospects In A Sales Conversation

When engaging in a sales conversation with a prospect, there is a certain point when the prospect stops being sold to and starts buying your product or service. That point in the conversation is what we call the moment of truth in sales.  

Here are some tips to help you lead your prospects and reach the moment of truth in a sales conversation:

We all know what it feels like when we want to purchase a product or a service. You get very excited and become so engaged in the sales process. As opposed to when you feel like a salesperson is being pushy, or trying to manipulate you, or trying to share information with you that is not necessarily relevant.

As a sales professional, your goal is always to help guide and facilitate the decision-making process of your prospects and customers. 

One of the best things you can do to help arrive at that moment of truth is by asking intelligent questions. Formulate your questions in such a way that you are helping your potential customers discover their pain points. Make them understand the relevant industry issues they need to face, and educate them on all their different options. 

If you ask several questions and educate your prospects without a biased view of promoting your product or service first, they will start to get excited about what you have to offer. Their excitement will lead them to start asking buying questions. As soon as they start flipping the switch and ask you things like “How does your product or service do this?” or “How do you stack up against your competitors?”

At times, these questions might even sound like objections. But eventually, they will see you as a trusted advisor. That is the moment of truth. When that happens, your prospects stopped being sold to and now they are buying. And once they start buying your product or service, the sale is already made. 

It is just a matter of sitting back, authentically answering the questions that they have, and enabling them to buy your product or service, or make the best possible decision for them. 

So, if you’re a sales professional, I encourage you to think carefully about the questions that you can ask to help your prospective customers arrive at that place of wanting to buy your product or service. That is the moment of truth in sales.

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