3 Signs Your Company Is Ready For An Outbound Sales Strategy

One of the most commonly asked questions of a CEO or sales leader in a B2B technology or service company is how to know if you are ready for outbound sales. 

If you are not sure whether you are ready to implement an outbound sales strategy, here are 3 signs your company is in a good position to add an outbound sales channel:

1. You’ve Raised An Investment Round 

One good reason to use an outbound sales strategy is when you have raised investment and need to quickly demonstrate traction to your investors. 

The other one is when you have achieved at least $1 million or more in revenue. With $1 to $2 million in revenue, you have enough case studies that you can share to demonstrate the value of your work. It will provide proof points to the marketplace which helps to improve your overall trust factor. 

A solid proof point and trust factor are important to be effective in outbound sales.

2. You Have At Least One Sales Person

If you have at least a part-time, if not a full-time, sales resource, you are ready for outbound sales because you have a dedicated person that can do the following:

  • Catch the meetings
  • Effectively do follow-ups with booked meetings
  • Conduct discovery and follow-up calls 

3. You Have An Large Addressable Market Size

Outbound sales are very effective when you have a large addressable market size of 10,000 prospects or more, with an average sales price or lifetime client value of $10,000 or more.

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