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We helped 3X meetings in only 30 days.

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ChangeHeroes is an online fundraising platform that specializes in leveraging the power of personal videos to help charities raise funds. Established with a vision to transform charitable giving, ChangeHeroes has distinguished itself in the digital fundraising arena. Operating with a small yet dedicated team of two, the platform focuses on creating personalized, impactful fundraising campaigns. Their innovative approach enables charities to connect more effectively with potential donors, fostering a sense of community and engagement in the fundraising process.


Initially, ChangeHeroes faced a significant challenge in expanding its outreach and scaling operations. With a limited capacity, the team managed to book only 6-7 meetings per week, which constrained their growth potential and ability to connect with a broader range of charities across North America. ChangeHeroes needed a more robust system to increase the volume and efficiency of their discovery calls. The team's aspiration to grow and scale up required strategic intervention to optimize their outreach and enhance their operational capacity.


Addressing their growth challenges, ChangeHeroes collaborated with Revenue Accelerator to refine their sales development approach and optimize their CRM system. Revenue Accelerator not only coached ChangeHeroes to improve conversion rates and call effectiveness, but also deeply understood the company's unique market needs. This insight was crucial in tailoring their outbound sales strategies, making them more efficient and impactful. The result was a revamped, more systematic approach to outbound sales, significantly enhancing ChangeHeroes' capacity to connect with a wider range of charities.

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Within just 30 days, ChangeHeroes' weekly meeting bookings tripled, leading to an overbooked schedule. This acceleration contributed to a significant pipeline increase, generating over $500k in a quarter, a substantial rise from the initial $200k pipeline. This strategic approach not only boosted the team's confidence but also played a crucial role in the company's rapid growth and scalability in outbound sales.

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