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Environmental Services Provider

We booked 167 meetings with decision makers in their ICP.

Environmental services

One of Revenue Accelerator's clients is an Environmental Services firm with services across the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, catering to regional, national, and Fortune 500 companies. Their pioneering strategy provides clients with significant cost reductions and comprehensive third-party management services. With a reputation for unmatched customer service, industry expertise, and a focus on transparency and integrity, they are a top-tier choice for companies in their market sector.


The internal sales team had difficulty generating strong sales leads, falling short of their expectations. They also faced uncertainty about the effectiveness of their outbound emails, as evidenced by the low email response rates from prospective clients. If they didn't address this issue, it could seriously hinder their ability to grow at their desired rate. It was crucial for them to tackle these challenges to align with their strategic goals and ensure sustained business growth.


The client began researching the potential of utilizing a third-party outbound sales agency, as opposed to relying solely on their internal sales team. After reviewing the reputation, strategy, and organizational culture of several providers, the client selected Revenue Accelerator's SDR Pro plan to help propel their company to the next level.  

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The number of qualified leads for the client increased. With fewer sales employees, the client had more time available to focus on closing opportunities, enhancing their overall efficiency. Additionally, the client gained a better knowledge and understanding of how successful their sales and marketing campaigns were, which allowed the team to course-correct for immediate improvement - leading to increased sales results and more effective revenue strategies.

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