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Event Production Company

We booked 194 meetings with decision makers in their ICP.

Business Conference

The client is a company specializing in hosting events and generating revenue through event organization and sponsorship. With a focus on creating impactful gatherings, the client stands out in its field for its innovative approach to event management. Despite being a bootstrapped and founder-led enterprise, the client has established itself as a notable player in its industry.


The client faced significant operational challenges due to the absence of structured business processes. The company also relied heavily on basic tools like spreadsheets, lacking a formal sales process and a CRM system. This approach led to difficulties in efficiently filling events, raising sponsorship capital, and generating consistent revenue. The lack of structured processes resulted in a reactive business model with inconsistent revenue flows, hindering scalability and growth.

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In response to these operational challenges, the client partnered with Revenue Accelerator, implementing our SDR Pro program. We revamped their sales approach by effectively managing outbound campaigns and improving overall sales processes. A pivotal aspect of this transformation was the shift from spreadsheet-based management to a robust CRM system, enabling improved tracking and management of sales activities. The program also introduced advanced reporting tools, which were crucial in forecasting revenue and optimizing the sales cycle and win rates.

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The collaboration with Revenue Accelerator led to significant improvements for our client. There was a substantial increase in corporate sales for events, with companies purchasing tickets in larger quantities. This partnership also succeeded in drawing considerable sponsorship revenue from major corporate vendors. Additionally, the client experienced a surge in business engagement, evidenced by an average of 20 booked meetings per month. The implementation of the SDR Pro program marked a pivotal shift in the client's business model, steering it towards a more structured, efficient, and scalable future.

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