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The Real Questions You Need to Ask Your Next Outbound Sales Agency

Updated: Feb 21

Choosing the right outbound sales agency is critical for high-growth companies. We often talk to clients who are shopping around for the right partner. No matter who you go with, it's important to find someone who can truly deliver results, not just one who talks a good game. So, forget the glossy brochures and get down to brass tacks. 

Here are the 10 essential, no-nonsense questions you should be asking when hiring an outbound agency.

1. Which channels do you use for outbound?

The right answer isn't just a list; it's a strategy. In a world where attention is fragmented, relying on a single channel is like putting all your eggs in one basket. You want an agency that seamlessly blends email, calls, and social media to create a symphony of outreach that can’t be ignored.

Revenue Accelerator uses a combination of cold email, follow-up phone calls, and LinkedIn to generate results.

2. How do you create compelling messaging?

It's not just about being loud or witty; it's about being heard by your target buyer. You need an agency that understands your audience and crafts messages that speak directly to their needs, challenges, and desires. Look for a creative, data-driven approach that tests and refines messages to ensure they resonate and convert.

The way you prefer to read/write an email is not always the same as your target buyer's. At Revenue Accelerator, we experiment with length, tonality, and message until we find exactly what works.

3. How do you ensure accuracy and high data quality?

Accurate data is the cornerstone of effective outbound sales. Ask about their data sourcing – where it comes from, how often it’s updated, and what steps they take to ensure accuracy. And GDPR compliance and data privacy should be part of their vocabulary, not just buzzwords.

We don't just pull lists from databases and call it done. The Revenue Accelerator data team cleans contact lists, verifies emails, and goes the extra mile to ensure contact accuracy. Plus, we're GDPR and CCPA compliant.

4. How do you ensure that our emails are delivered and not sent to spam?

In the world of email, deliverability is king. Your outbound partner should have a solid understanding of email best practices, from sender reputation to email content and structure, to ensure your message lands in the inbox, not the spam folder.

Revenue Accelerator takes deliverability seriously. We use email authentication standards, domain warmup, and email rotation to ensure that emails land in inboxes.

5. How do you nurture leads? What is your approach for securing meetings?

This is where the rubber meets the road. A good outbound agency will have a detailed process for nurturing leads, using a mix of personalized follow-ups, content sharing, and strategic timing to warm up leads and set the stage for successful meetings - whether it's now or in the future.

As part of your engagement with Revenue Accelerator, we'll develop an SDR playbook alongside you. By combining outbound best practices with your expertise and preferences, we can establish the ideal follow-up plan for nurturing leads.

6. Can you integrate directly with our CRM?

Your outbound sales partner should complement, not complicate, your existing systems. The ability to integrate with your CRM is crucial for tracking leads and ensuring a seamless flow of information. It's about creating a unified front, not a disjointed effort.

No matter the CRM you use, we set up a one-way integration so that the leads and meetings we generate go directly into your workflows.

7. Tell me about the tech stack you use to run outbound campaigns.

A robust tech stack is a sign of an agency that’s serious about outbound sales. From sophisticated automation tools to cutting-edge analytics, their tech stack should empower your campaigns, offering efficiency, insight, and scalability. 

The Revenue Accelerator tech stack includes a myriad of enterprise-grade tools. From data sourcing to email launches to deliverability management, we offer a full suite of technology - at a fraction of the price.

8. What mechanisms are in place to understand performance?

Good data leads to good decisions. Your outbound sales agency should provide clear, comprehensive reporting and real-time dashboards that give you a 360-degree view of your campaigns, enabling informed decision-making and timely adjustments.

Revenue Accelerator goes far beyond basic Excel spreadsheets. With our customized analytics portal, you get a real-time view into your campaign details. In collaboration with you, we track what's working, identify what's not, and use the data as a basis for strategic planning.

9. How closely do you work with your clients?

The best results come from collaboration, not isolation. Your agency should work hand-in-hand with your team, maintaining open lines of communication and adapting to your unique needs and feedback. It’s a partnership, not a one-way street.

We pride ourselves on our white-glove approach and our strong relationships with our clients. The best results come from close collaboration, so we maintain regular check-in's to ensure that we're aligned and rowing in the same direction.

10. What happens if we aren’t seeing results?

Reality check: not all campaigns hit the bullseye, and outbound sales isn't a silver bullet for growth. It's important to know how your outbound sales agency handles underperforming campaigns.

At Revenue Accelerator, we're proactive in identifying issues, transparent in discussing challenges, and agile in pivoting strategies. While we have defined targets for our outbound campaigns, we'll tell you right away if something isn't working, and then chart a path forward together.

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