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We booked 286 meetings with decision makers in their ICP.


Founded in 2007, Tatango is a leading text message marketing software company, specializing in fundraising for nonprofit organizations. The company excels in creating an effective text messaging software platform that has significantly aided organizations in raising funds and engaging supporters. Known for its user-friendly interface, quick message delivery, and comprehensive reporting tools, Tatango has become a go-to choice for enhancing text message fundraising efforts.


Prior to collaborating with Revenue Accelerator, Tatango faced challenges in driving new pipeline activity and increasing their growth rate. They struggled with data organization in their CRM system, HubSpot, leading to an unstable sales flow and time wasted on unqualified leads. Tatango needed to refine their outbound sales strategy and identify market sectors where they could be most successful.

The Solution

In our collaboration with Tatango, we focused on enhancing their sales approach and expanding into new markets. We restructured their HubSpot CRM, increased qualified meetings through our SDR Pro offering, and adapted their outbound messaging. Our efforts included tapping into niche markets, establishing a presence in industries like food, beverage, and retail, and aligning our scaling strategy with Tatango's capabilities. This comprehensive approach led to new opportunities and a more effective sales process.

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The Results

Before collaborating with us, Tatango's outbound sales were managed by only 2 sellers. Our partnership freed up their time for more impactful deal closures. The effectiveness of our outbound email campaigns resulted in an increase in meetings and allowed Tatango to explore new verticals. This progress has led to substantial team growth, enhancing their overall business scale and continues in a multi-year partnership with Revenue Accelerator.

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